Fertility Experts around the globe trust in PROFERTIL®s evidence-
based, patented formulation and clinically-proven efficacy,
but nothing is more convincing than seeing it work in their own patients.
Hear what a few experts recently had to say about their experiences with PROFERTIL®

Dr. Ismail Abbara

Consultant Urologist

Department: Urology Department
Practice Locations: Emirates Hospital Jumeirah

Profertil as an innovative nutraceutical product Is now recommended for management of spermatogenesis it enhances all sperm parameters and significantly decreases sperm DNA fragmentation for successful conception with a proven efficacy on pregnancy rate Evidence based on clinical studies It has a convenient dosage form achieving the best patient compliance Which make profertil The good choice for male infertility cases


Dr. Mohammad Istrabadi

Consultant Urology Surgery & General Surgery

Specialty: NMC royal hospital, Sharjah Al Zahra hospital, Dubai

Profertil is a unique formula which has a unique combination that offer a synergistic effect in a tablet form Making it an essential treatment in my practice for all male Fertility cases for secondary to semen analysis problem


Dr. Mohammad Subeh

Specialist Urologist: MBBS, FEBU, FACS. Practice Locations: Urology Department. Mediclinic Aljawhara Hospital & Almadar Center, Al-Ain City, UAE.

From my experience with Profertil for male fertile patients with fertility issues,I found that profertil has amazing results in improving the three main Standards of sperm ( count, Motility and morphology), therefore i recommended Profertil for most patients with fertility problem..

Dr. Mohsen Al Mekresh

Consultant and head of urology and men’s health at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital

I tried Profertil in many years in a broad spectrum Of patients and it proved a high efficacy and Very promising results


Dr.Aliaa Al-Tuhoo

Senior Specialist – Specialist obstetric & gynecology – Kuwait Hospital

Trial of profertil on couple ,after three months of treatment with profertil male for the husband and profertil female for the wife, The wife got pregnant.

Mohamed Al Marhoon

Senior Consultant Urological Surgeon / President of Oman Urology Society Clinic: Muscat Urology & Nephrology Healthcare Center Oman

PROfertil for men is an ideal combination to support male infertility. In a convenient daily dose of 2 capsules all the required elements for better spermatogenesis are included. I use PROfertil regularly in my practice for the treatment of male infertility for a period of at least 6 months in patients with low sperm count, low sperm motility, high sperm abnormal morphology, high sperm DNA fragmentation and patients with varicoceles including after varicocelectomy. I have observed improvement in sperm parameters and reduction in sperm DNA fragmentation with improved pregnancy rates.

Dr. Mustapha Tomsu

Consultant obs & Gyne & ivf – Head Of Gynecologist & IVF Dept in Quttainah Medical Center

Very useful for male infertility

Dr. Bohaira Aljayoushi

Consultant Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology

Dr. Bohaira Elgeyoushi currently holds the position of Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology (IVF) Consultant at HealthPlus Fertility Center – Dubai.

Life style has had a major impact on fertility.with Around 50% of cases having male contribution The effect of smoking ,bad diet, has had a big impact on reducing sperm parameters. Increasingly we are using supplements and antioxidant to improve and repair sperm damage Therefor for DNA fragmentation or reversing the effect of lifestyle ,profertil has had a major impact on improving sperm parameters and revers the damaging effect.

Facharzt für Urologie / Vorstand der Urologischen Abteilung, Landesklinikum Thermenregion Baden

Dr. Claus Riedl

Specialist in Urology / Director of the Urology Department at Landesklinikum Thermenregion Baden

«Of particular importance is the topic of “DNA damage in sperm cells,” which is the subject of much current research. Although a man’s sperm supply is inexhaustible, the sperm quality decreases with age. Studies have shown that PROFERTIL® protects sperm against damage to genetic material (DNA). “Fragile DNA” is increasingly present in male sperm production from the age of 35. This means that PROFERTIL® protects the genetic material that we pass on to the next generation and provides the best conditions for our children to have a good start in life.»

Univ.Prof. Dr. Wilfried Feichtinger, IVF Institut für Kinderwunsch, Wien / Wunschbaby, Institut Feichtinger

Dr. Wilfried Feichtinger

IVF Institute for Fertility, Vienna / Wunschbaby, Institute Feichtinger

«Half of the causes of infertility are found in men, and a significant proportion of these are associated with low spermiogram results. If it is possible to further confirm the promising effects on the number and quality of sperm that this supplement showed in the Imhof study, it could reduce the medical effort required for male infertility or, ideally, make fertility treatment unnecessary.»

Dr. Josef Zech, Private KinderwunschClinic, Innsbruck / Private Kinderwunsch Clinic, Dres. med.

Dr. Josef Zech

Private Fertility Clinic, Innsbruck / Private Fertility Clinic, Dres. med.

«In my 25 years as a reproductive physician, I have experienced many frustrating attempts to improve the quality of the ejaculate with medication. PROFERTIL® is in my opinion the first scientifically verifiable combination of active ingredients that improves sperm quality. Oligo-terato-asthenospermia is only a part of the “male factor.” I am convinced that there will be many more measurable aspects in the future that will benefit from such micronutrients.»

Dr. Erik Randall Huber, FEBU / Facharzt für Urologie

Dr. Erik Randall Huber

FEBU / Specialist in Urology

«Physical (heat, trauma), chemical (smoking, medication), anatomical (varicoceles) and infectious causes can lead to DNA strand breaks in sperm. Such sperm have a limited ability to fertilize an egg, and if they do, they present a much higher risk of miscarriage. New scientific research shows that about half of all involuntarily childless couples show DNA fragmentation in the sperm. The analysis of the degree of DNA fragmentation in sperm is therefore an important complement to the spermiogram. However, it is even more important to offer a suitable therapy for these cases in order to make the wish to have children come true.

The study “DNA Fragmentation Index Decreases after Micronutrient Supplementation” showed that PROFERTIL® significantly reduced sperm DNA fragmentation after 3 months of use. With PROFERTIL®, urologists can finally offer their patients a therapy option for treating idiopathic subfertility that has scientifically proven efficacy.»


Prim. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Martin Imhof,
    Gynäkologe, Chefarzt Klinikum Korneuburg, IMI Zentrum für Kinderwunsch

Dr. Martin Imhof

Gynecologist, Chief Physician at Korneuburg Clinic / IMI Center for Fertility

«The causes of infertility are found in men almost as often as they are in women. This means that it is very important to first have the male sperm tested with a spermiogram in the initial phase of treatment. If it turns out that the cause is found in the man, antioxidative therapy can significantly improve the parameters of sperm analysis. The efficacy of the special formula provided by PROFERTIL® has been demonstrated in clinical studies with over a thousand patients. The remarkable results of these studies are probably the most convincing reason to prescribe the product in cases of male infertility.»


Dr. Sadiq Lala

FRCSEd. D.Urol. (UCL, London) Senior consultant Urologist & Andrologist. Working in MPH clinic Oman

In my past 30 years of experience in the Management of Male infertility, I found the treatment with Profertil was rewarding. The three factors of OAT (Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia): 1. Too few sperms (Oligo), 2. Insufficient sperms motility (Astheno), 3. Increased number of malformed sperms (Terato) are largely responsible for the male infertility. The scientific studies have demonstrated improvement of all these sperm parameters with use of Profertil. I have similar experience in my practice with Profertil. Male infertility is also associated with damaged DNA in the sperm cell. Profertil may be especially beneficial for men over the age of 35 years, because at this age the risk of DNA damage begins to increase. I am confident that the nutrients provided in the Profertil can improve the quality of spermsit is used as two capsules daily for at least three months

Dr. Deniz Ulusoy

Consultant obstetric and gynecologist – Ellet medical center – Qatar

I prescribed profertil for many patients and i noticed the efficacy and beneficial result for patients

I advise using proferil medication for patients with fertility issues


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